The mission of the Ontario Forage Council is to provide leadership to the Ontario forage industry through communication, research, technology transfer, market development, advocacy, policy development and bringing stakeholders together.

Organization Objectives:

-       to act as the primary forage information source,

-       to collaborate with other Ontario agricultural organizations for the development of information and educational materials as well as other service related projects for forages,

-       to assist in the objective development of research priorities, coordination of research projects, and patent registration related to forage production, management and marketing,

-       to promote the positive environmental impacts of forage and grassland on soil and water conservation, carbon sequestration, reclamation, wildlife habitat and aesthetic value,

-       to identify, receive and distribute funds to support development of the Ontario forage industry,

-       to develop and promote market innovations at the local and export levels (i.e. pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products).