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2017 Milk Maker Winners!!

2017 Press Release

2017 French Translated Press Release

A very special thank you to this year’s judges, their commitment has been an asset to this competition! Another huge thank you to SGSCanada Laboratories, who provided the analysis for the 2017 samples! And finally thank you to our 2017 sponsors; A & L Canada Laboratories, CanGrow Crop Solutions, SGS Agrifood Laboratories, Silo-King/Agri-King, Quality Seeds, ProRich Seeds and Nuhn Forage.

Alfalfa Hay Class

1st Place- Don Rowntree, Via Pax ET Led., Georgetown, ON Variety/Hybrid: Pro Rich Seeds, Nuhn Forage-The Juice

2nd Place- Ian Dann, Heritage Acre Farms Ltd., Thorndale, ON Variety/Hybrid: 50U55 Preservative: Nuhn – The Juice

3rd Place- Dave Cavanagh, Diamondvie Farms, Kinburn, ON Preservative: Silage Pro – Hay Pro II


Grass Hay Class

1st Place-Roger Wikkerink, Wikkerink Farms Ltd., Norwich, ON Variety/Hybrid: Tall fescue, orchard grass, meadow     fescue

2nd Place-Don Rowntree, Via Pax ET Led., Georgetown, ON Variety/Hybrid: Quality Seeds Nuhn Forage-The Juice

3rd Place- James Tims, Tipper Farms, Almonte, ON


1st Cut Haylage Class

1st Place-Luke Freeman, Luenda Holsteins, Elmira, ON Variety/Hybrid: Quality Seeds Inoculant: Silo King

2nd Place- Roger Wikkerink, Wikkerink Farms Ltd., Norwich, ON Variety: Tall fescue, meadow grass, orchard grass,    rye grass Inoculant: Silo-King

3rd Place- Wayne Edwards, Cloverhurst Farms, Kinburn, ON Inoculant: SiloPro


2nd Cut Haylage

1st Place-Todd Schnarr, Farfield Farms Inc., Elora, ON Inoculant: Silo-King

2nd Place- Murrel Martin, Sprucehollow Acres, Alma, ON Inoculant: Silo-King

3rd Place- Johnathan Verhaegen, Ferme Verhaegen Inc., Howick, QC Variety/Hybrid: PICKSEED Inoculant: Silo-King


Corn Silage Class

1st Place-Kevin Martin, Windknoll Holsteins, Elora, ON Variety/Hybrid: Pride Inoculant: Silo-King

2nd Place- Wray Brubacher, Brookhaven Holsteins, Drayton, ON Variety/Hybrid: Maizex 3202 Inoculant: Silo-King

3rd Place- Don Green, Feederlane Farms, Wainfleet, ON Inoculant: Silo-King


BMR Corn Silage Class

1st Place- Johnathan Craig, Craigical Farm, Howick, QC Variety/Hybrid: Dupont Pioneer Inoculant: Silo-King

2nd Place- Johnathan Stuckey, Norbridge Farms, Howick, QC Variety/Hybrid: DOW Seeds Inoculant: Silo-King

3rd Place-Vernon Martin, Walnut Meadow Holsteins, Elmira, ON Variety/Hybrid: DOW Seeds 378 Inoculant: Silo-King



Past Winners